Custom Spleef ArenasEdit

Capital cities are allowed to create Arenas that will be converted into a fully functioning arenas. When the arena is complete the KING needs to submit a request to have the arena finalized. An Admin will work with the King to ensure the Arena is configured as it was designed. The cost will come from the Capital Town bank balance.


Arena Type Base Cost Factor
Spleef 10000 2

Example: If the Base cost is 10000 then the next one will be 20000. Followed by 40000, 80000, etc


  • MinPlayers: 0-unlimited
  • MaxPlayers: 2-unlimited
  • HowManyPlayersWin: 1-10
  • Teams: yes/no
    • Team1Block: <block item id>
    • Team2Block <block item id>
  • AutoReady: yes/no
    • ReadyBlock: <block item id>
  • EntranceFee: 0-1000
  • Destroy: yes/no
    • DestroyBlocks: <block item id>, <block item Id>, etc
  • Place: yes/no
    • PlaceBlocks: <block item id>, <block item Id>, etc
  • Drop: yes/no
  • InstantBreak: yes/no
    • Shovel: <item id>
  • WinOnTouch: yes/no
    • WinBlocks: <block item id> (water and lava allowed)
  • LoseOnTouch: yes/no
    • LoseBlocks: <block item id> (water and lava allowed)
  • Degeneration: yes/np
    • DegenerationBlocks: <block item id>, <block item Id>, etc

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